Welcome to BTB Projects BTB Projects Achievements

  • Successfully delivered the end-to-end integration/acceptance of a UK MNO's 3G system hardware, software, functionality and network management deliverables from both internal and external suppliers, including definition of test strategy and customer acceptance criteria.
  • Streamlined high-profile email service international implementation process from a bespoke project taking 6-12 months to a turnkey process taking 2-3 months. This increased the number of launches from 10 a year to 100, significantly increasing revenue and shortening customer MNO's time to market.
  • Successfully lead Japanese MNO customer quality design review of femtocell development and manufacturing processes, unlocking order for 20,000 femtocells.
  • Successfully launched over 30 MNOs with high-profile email service in over 20 countries across EMEA and South America within TQC constraints. Typical implementation would include 3-8 internal and numerous external project managers.
  • Assisted in the set-up and management of a UK MNO's 3G Improvement programme office with it’s associated support functions and processes. The programme had a headcount of over 250 internal and external personnel, including 10 in the PMO, and a budget of over £20 million.
  • Successfully managed formal contractual acceptance of a UK MNO's 3G network from the supplier with major time, cost and contractual impact (several £10’s of millions).
  • Successfully line-managed teams of up to 40 software and RF engineers.
  • Successfully matrix-managed telecommunications programmes of up-to 250 internal and external across all business functions.